Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can I blog about a blog?

I can't help it, I'm literally obsessed with so many different blogs. I spend way too much time reading post after post and saving image after image. It's an addiction. My friend Jen has gotten so addicted that she had to start a flicker account just to have somewhere to store all the images she collects. I think she rubbed off on me because lately I can't stop. I've got so many folders on my desktop filled with pictures. I have inspiration photos saved for every inch of a dream house that I want to create one day.

As hard as it is to narrow it down to just one favorite blog, there is currently one blog that makes me gasp every time. I get so excited when I see they have updated because I know whatever they post will be amazing! I usually fall immediately in love and have to email at least 3 different friends. These girls have impeccable taste. I promise you will fall in love to.

Get ready to spent way too many hours reading everything they've ever posted. And if you end up like me, you'll be stopping every other picture to bookmark or save another brilliant idea!

Without further ado, meet: Fric and Frac.
You can view their exceptional blog here:

Below is a sample of what you can expect to see....

Cutest bed nook in the world? I would love to crawl in for a little nap...

I am OBSESSED. I will definitely be doing this to my floors one day. And as long as you  keep the rest of the furniture  neutral, it really doesn't seem too wacky.

I didn't even think I liked dark wood until seeing this. So stunning!

I've always wanted to do a cool wall of pictures like this! Who knew it could even work in the dining area? 

And I'm napping again in this perfect little bed cubby...



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kmart Love

Kmart? Do they still have those stores? Yes they do! None anywhere near Dallas but there are plenty in every other state in the country including two locations in New York City. The Kmart in my hometown in Mississippi is pretty run down and the parking lot will never resemble the chaos of a Walmart or Target parking lot, but what's inside is pretty impressive! Check out these cheap finds that are right on trend and conveniently located at your local Kmart or Kmart online.

Kmart Country Living Collection  Bath Towel $9.99

Anthropologie skirt $128.00

Kmart skirt $13.99

Ballard Design $689.00

Kmart Country Living Collection Chair   $129.99

Move over Target, Kmart's making a comeback!


Monday, March 14, 2011

I'd like to start a tab, please!

So I've been spending a lot of time at the bar lately, in fact I have a tab there. I never even have to pull out my wallet because the bar just charges my card on file. It's pretty amazing. Oh and by the way, the bar I'm referring to is my new second home called the Drybar.

Here's the deal. All they do are blowouts. No color. No cut. They simply dry hair for $35 (PS- it's $100 for this service at Frederic Fekkai down the street). I'm sure men are baffled by this, but any Southern gal who has spent hours with a roll brush and a flat iron, contemplated the brazilian or just given up and permanently lives in a ponytail, they should call 214-989-6136 right now. The Drybar gives you Hollywood hair in about 30 minutes or less. They even have a booklet of options from which to choose. The styles range from the Manhattan- sleek and straight, to the Mai-Tai, my personal fav, which gives you a wavy beachy look. Whatever your favorite style is, these BlowDry Pros can make it happen. I suggest you ask for my girl Bonnie. She pretty much rocks. No worries if she is off that day, you'll be in good hands with anyone on their staff. 

And no need to smuggle in your flask or byob because this bar definitely serves cocktails. Like I said, I'm there every week. ;)

Happy Drying! 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Softest lips award

Every year I become obsessed with a new lip balm. Sometimes, I go for the classic blistex and other times I splurge for something more decadent like la mer's lip balm (which is by the way pretty fabulous) but today I have found my new super favorite. I haven't been this pleased for a while and surprisingly this isn't even a new product. It has been revamped a few times but I think it is finally perfect.

Alas I introduce you to Laura Mercier's Lip Silk and Lip Balm.

Found at Macys and lots of other beauty stores and department stores, this little duo is the killer combination for perfectly soft lips. It was love at first rub of the lips for me. There are no scrubs involved that leave you tasting bits of grit in your mouth and no treatments to leave on overnight. It's pretty simple. Just squeeze a dab of the lip silk onto your finger and rub across your lips and then follow up with the lip balm. I've been using mine every night before bed and I'm addicted.

The only con is the lip silk is a bit tough to squeeze out of the tiny tube so my fingers get some mini exercise but they like it. As do my lips. ;)

Get ready to pucker up!




This blog is starting off in the development phase so who knows which way it will go... One day it may be about make-up and the next day it may be about a great new restaurant. Either way, you can always trust that I have done my homework and I will only blog about the best of the best and of course the worst of the worst! Because you need to know what to run out and eat, drink, buy immediately and what to avoid at all cost. Let the fun begin. Hope you enjoy.