Monday, March 14, 2011

I'd like to start a tab, please!

So I've been spending a lot of time at the bar lately, in fact I have a tab there. I never even have to pull out my wallet because the bar just charges my card on file. It's pretty amazing. Oh and by the way, the bar I'm referring to is my new second home called the Drybar.

Here's the deal. All they do are blowouts. No color. No cut. They simply dry hair for $35 (PS- it's $100 for this service at Frederic Fekkai down the street). I'm sure men are baffled by this, but any Southern gal who has spent hours with a roll brush and a flat iron, contemplated the brazilian or just given up and permanently lives in a ponytail, they should call 214-989-6136 right now. The Drybar gives you Hollywood hair in about 30 minutes or less. They even have a booklet of options from which to choose. The styles range from the Manhattan- sleek and straight, to the Mai-Tai, my personal fav, which gives you a wavy beachy look. Whatever your favorite style is, these BlowDry Pros can make it happen. I suggest you ask for my girl Bonnie. She pretty much rocks. No worries if she is off that day, you'll be in good hands with anyone on their staff. 

And no need to smuggle in your flask or byob because this bar definitely serves cocktails. Like I said, I'm there every week. ;)

Happy Drying! 



  1. This is so awesome...I'm so jealous, and you are really getting spoiled living in such an amazing place. Ughhh!!!

  2. I want to go, can they do anything with my already straight hair?