Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Softest lips award

Every year I become obsessed with a new lip balm. Sometimes, I go for the classic blistex and other times I splurge for something more decadent like la mer's lip balm (which is by the way pretty fabulous) but today I have found my new super favorite. I haven't been this pleased for a while and surprisingly this isn't even a new product. It has been revamped a few times but I think it is finally perfect.

Alas I introduce you to Laura Mercier's Lip Silk and Lip Balm.

Found at Macys and lots of other beauty stores and department stores, this little duo is the killer combination for perfectly soft lips. It was love at first rub of the lips for me. There are no scrubs involved that leave you tasting bits of grit in your mouth and no treatments to leave on overnight. It's pretty simple. Just squeeze a dab of the lip silk onto your finger and rub across your lips and then follow up with the lip balm. I've been using mine every night before bed and I'm addicted.

The only con is the lip silk is a bit tough to squeeze out of the tiny tube so my fingers get some mini exercise but they like it. As do my lips. ;)

Get ready to pucker up!




  1. Love this lip balm! I love your blog!!

  2. Ooooh, I haven't tried this, and I am a sucker for good lip products. Does the lip balm come in all different colors?
    And may I also add that "the lip slip" by sara happ is awesome for obtaining soft lips...

  3. Can't wait to try it! I'm ordering some today! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Can I just say I don't even know what to do with myself I'm so excited that you started this blog!!!!!!!!! Finally, I won't have to blow up your cell thousands of times a day to find out what's up with the what up!! I luvs you LC!!!!! Can't wait to try this lip balm by the way...And can't wait to find out what your next beauty/restaurant/anything pick is!!!

  5. Is it normal that I feel the need to order many, many of these lipbalms immediately? Great post, I need some hair product reviews- in case you were wondering!