Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wanting what I can't have?

So, here's the deal. There is a new Italian restaurant that opened up in my favorite part of Dallas a few months ago. It's called Lucia and it's located in the trendy Bishops Art District.

This is all you get. A logo. Because that's about all I can get.

I first read a review in a local paper here and the opening sentence of the article said, "Before you read this, stop and call to make a reservation." They weren't kidding. But I thought they were so I didn't call. A few weeks later I read another article about the place. Being a huge fan of the legendary Scarpetta which I drag my friends to anytime we visit New York or Vegas, I am intrigued by the fabulous new Dallas Italian restaurant that is so delicious it has been written up in The New York Times. (You can't suck if The New York Times is writing about you. Well I guess you can suck but then they would be telling us that.) Anyway, long story short, we walked in the other night attempting to have dinner and the hostess politely told us that she could squeeze us in mid June for a weeknight or August for a weekend night!!! Are you kidding me? This is Dallas! Ever since then I've been obsessed with having dinner at this place. My friend Lauren keeps telling me that I only want to go because I can't get in but I swear I wanted to go before I knew it took months to get a reservation. I love Italian and after all these raving reviews, of course I want to try it. We've decided to just call and make a reservation for the first open date, be it October 2011 or October 2012 and we'll just plan to go no matter what night of the week it is. I'm expecting mind blowing homemade pappardelle with lobster and truffle oil coating everything. Also, I want a glass of wine on the house for waiting so damn long to get in.

I'll keep you posted if it lives up to the hype. Check back 6 months from now...

Happy Dining!



  1. It's worth the wait and the rude lady on the phone telling you that you can reserve space until 2 months from now. Not sure I'll go back anytime soon because of how inconvenient it was to actually get there, but the food was delicious.

  2. You've been?! Holly, I'm so jealous. Now I'm even more excited about going. :)